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Andriy Bondarenko

I was born on June 22, 1978, in Brovary, near Kyiv. I Received musical education at Lysenko Special Music school in Kyiv and in the National Musical Academy of Ukraine as a pianist (under prof. V.Kozlov) and as a composer (under prof. I.Karabitz). Participated in workshops "AwantgardeSchwaz", (Austria, 1999) «Техніка на компонирање» (Macedonia, 2000), scholarship program "Gaude Polonia" (Poland, 2004)

As a pianist, I won prizes in Rachmaninov (Tambov, Russia, 1996), Horovitz (Kyiv, 1997), and Lysenko (Kyiv, 1997) international competitions. Collaborated with the ensemble "New Music in Ukraine" (leader – V. Runchak), played on festivals «KyivMusicFest», and «Two Days and Two Nights of New Music». Piano repertoire includes a range of classical compositions from different epochs, European (J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, F.Chopin and others) and Ukrainian (Lysenko, Lyatoshynski, Karabitz).

As a composer, I won prices in I&M Kotz composer's competition (Kyiv,1994), International composer's competition in St. Petersburg (2003). The list of compositions includes the symphonic poem "2004" devoted to the Orange revolution, four children's ballets performed by "Releve" choreographic ensemble with Master Class corporation's assistance in 2009, and music for DVD «Cours de danse contemporaine» by Irena Tatiboit, a set of choir arrangements and piano compositions and arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs. 

Since 2001 I has been working at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts as an accompanist (choir, vocal and instrumental classes) and teacher (Music harmony and Music informatics/software). In 2006-2011 worked in the National Academy of Government Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts as a teacher of Music informatics. 

In 2009 Andriy Bondarenko was a co-founder of Wikimedia Ukraine organization, a regional partner of the Wikimedia Foundation. In 2009-2021 wrote many Wikipedia articles, mainly devoted to music and musicians (mostly in Ukrainian, but also in English and Polish). 

In 2012 I established the project «World classic in Ukrainian», which aimed to popularize Ukrainian translations of world classical vocal music. Within this project organized a series of concerts of Ukrainian-translated vocal music and two Vocal contests (2017, 2019). 
 In 2021 I achieved PhD in Arts (dissertation on the theme "Electronic music in Ukraine late in XX- early XXI century"). 



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